Shipping from china to Amazon FBA UK: An easy and seamless approach

One of the biggest challenges that the Amazon sellers experience every now and then is how to move a product from an overseas location to a destination in another part country. One of the common questions that we get to hear now a day is how I get my shipments from China to Amazon FBA in UK.

If you are all in readiness to ship directly from China, you will have to instruct the supplier to prepare your goods completely to FBA specifications. Numerous suppliers off late are quite familiar with Amazon FBA and they can handle it with ease. But there is always a room for miscommunication. If you are shipping via US based middleman you can have one consolidated shipment from China.

Amazon Fba shipping

It can be broken into smaller fragments and are trial and tested and are prepared for FBA. But the rub is you either do all those things yourself or pay someone else to carry it out. Frankly speaking there are quite a few advantages of shipping direct to Amazon FBA. In this particular article we would discuss in details the advantages of direct shipping.

You can expect quick and rapid transit They generally offer quick and rapid transit and there is no such hindrance by a middleman. You will not have to pay the middleman. This is indeed a very big advantage that can be taken into consideration.

The packaging and labelling is not toughIf you are sending smaller parcel shipments to FBA the packing and labelling requirements actually are not tough. The most important task is to ensure each and every item has a scanned bar code or it does have FNSKU. Each box will also need a carton label attached to the outside.

Amazon Fba shipping_ Amazon palletising

You can ship containers and LCL directly from China to Amazon FBA in UK This might sound tough but you will have the legitimate right to ship full containers and LCL directly from China to FBA. You can consider this as strategic advantage. More importantly this particular approach is tailored for bigger products.

All you can do is read it in details and ship all your products in a seamless and transparent manner.