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Air & Sea Freight Customs Clearance



Air & Sea Freight Customs Clearance in Southampton and Felixstowe and all other ports

At YFT Logistics, we pride ourselves on helping you with a hassle free service for a stress free customs clearance experience. We take care of the paperwork & admin so that you can take care of your business.Although based near the Port of Southampton, YFT Logistics can also cover clearances nation wide and can provide the same efficient service for customs clearance at Felixstowe – Liverpool ETC as we can at Southampton.
We offer customs clearance for both personal effects and commercial goods. If you are unsure of the process or would like to discuss the requirements, pick up the phone and call now or email a question using the contact form.

Fast and easy customs clearance of imported goods to Southampton or Felixstowe or any other port in the United Kingdom. We can clear goods through UK Customs from any port in the United Kingdom. Whether you need customs clearance at the port, or door to door freight and clearance, we offer a total logistics package for all your imports to the United Kingdom.

The port of Southampton is a key port for FCL and LCL consignments arriving from the Far East and north America. Our LCL containers are broken down at our receiving depot in Southampton and distributed directly from are warehouse. Our customs clearance facility of all goods are pre-entered so delivery can be done immediately upon arrival.

We are experts in effortless customs clearance for the shipper of LCL and FCL cargo through the port of Felixstowe we offer fast customs clearances in the U.K. Liaising with port health at Felixstowe to help speed up the release of containers selected for random examination and with our experience we are able to get containers through the Felixstowe system as quick as possible by keeping in contact with the port. Felixstowe is the biggest container port in the UK we can offer best rates on freight and warehousing no matter what the shipment is.

We can advise on all aspects of importing and we offer free downloads of the C3 (Personal Effects Form) or the EORI application form for Commercial Goods.

Import Brokerage Services.

•Customs Clearance in Southampton and Felixstowe and all major ports.
•Personal Effects Entry.
•Continuous Bonds.
•Single Entry Bonds.
•Duty Drawback.
•Trucking & Delivery.
•Freight Insurance.
•Warehousing and Storage.
•Coordination of Customs Exams.
•Customs Compliance.
•No Hidden Port Charges.
•We serve ALL UK Ports Sea and Air.

One of a freight forwarder’s main functions is to arrange customs clearance of goods crossing the frontier. Freight forwarders can do this themselves, or subcontract it to a company that specialises in customs broking.

In order to provide customs services, the freight forwarder needs to have sufficient funds available to handle the bonds and guarantees required for duty and taxes payments. He or she also needs specific software that can communicate with the HMRC central computer. Nearly all the HMRC functions are now electronic, and special software for reporting and payments is necessary.

Documentation is a requirement for customs clearance in any international trade and for moving goods. Well-ordered and accurate documents are essential for a freight forwarder and are required for a successful export order or import clearance and receipt of payment for delivery.

Each mode of transport will have its own document of carriage, such as the:

•Air waybill – for air freight.
•Bill of lading – for sea freight.
•CMR consignment note – for road freight.

European Union
The basic customs law is harmonized across Europe within the European Union Customs Union. This includes customs duties and restrictions. Customs tax from €150. In addition, see regulations of each member state.

For customs declarations in the EU and in Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, the “Single Administrative Document” (SAD) is used as a basis.


Up to €22, there are no taxes. From €22 up to €150, it is necessary to pay VAT (EUSt in Germany), which is 7{7fd8ce7a20ee16a3990a1912cc065f1e95d8f81997be078f4fe634f42895fe42} or 19{7fd8ce7a20ee16a3990a1912cc065f1e95d8f81997be078f4fe634f42895fe42} depending on the goods. From €150 it is necessary to pay VAT and customs.


Customs may be very strict, especially for goods shipped from anywhere outside the EU. Up to €10 goods/package.


Customs in Italy takes additional 22{7fd8ce7a20ee16a3990a1912cc065f1e95d8f81997be078f4fe634f42895fe42} VAT (Value-added tax) for goods imported from outside the European Union even if the VAT is already paid to the origin country sender.

Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Up to €22, there are no taxes. From €22 up to €150, it is necessary to pay VAT (DPH in Czech/Slovak), which is 21{7fd8ce7a20ee16a3990a1912cc065f1e95d8f81997be078f4fe634f42895fe42}. From €150, it is necessary to pay VAT and customs. Customs may range from zero to 10{7fd8ce7a20ee16a3990a1912cc065f1e95d8f81997be078f4fe634f42895fe42} depending on the type of imported goods.

We are proud of our excellent reputation for service.

We are also covered by  B I F A terms and conditions.

If you need any additional information or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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